ChromaGen Lenses – For Color Blindness


What is Color Blindness?

Color Vision Deficiency entails the inability of the eye to tell the difference between different shades of color. In the more severe cases of this disorder, the eye is completely unable to discern any color at all. This is commonly referred to as color blindness. Short of total color blindness, two main types of Color Vision Deficiency exist, Red-Green (which is the most common form), and Blue-Yellow. In each case the patient finds it hard to discern between the two colors. Did you know that one-in-ten men and one-in-two hundred women deal with Color Vision Deficiency?


Take a Color Vision Test:

Take the color vision test

Many people don’t realize exactly how difficult this condition can make life for those who suffer from it. The inability to differentiate from red and green makes it impossible to know when to stop or go when at a traffic light. People are often described by a reference to the color of the clothes they wear. Driving and walking directions are often given in terms of colored land marks. In general it is quite common to receive color-based instructions on how to complete important activities. An inability to discern certain colors can, therefore, cause serious errors that lead to frustration at best and personal danger or harm at worst.

The worst is when a person can’t get their “Dream Job” because they can’t pass the standard color deficiency tests when applying. Some examples of jobs that may require these tests are:

  • Firefighter
  • Police Officer
  • Military Personnel
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Graphic Artist
  • Electrician
  • Or any job which requires color distinction


How do ChromaGen Lenses Work:

First off, ChromagGen lenses do not cure color vision deficiencies. What they do is shift the “Area of Confusion” in the color spectrum to a different location. What this does for the patient is that it enhances color perception and color discrimination. This can be achieved with glasses, clip-ons, or even contact lenses. So, if your goal is to enjoy the colors of a dramatic sunset like everybody else or if you want to pass the color deficiency tests to get that dream job, give us a call at Mt Tam Optometric Center to let us help you.