Medical Services

From eye diseases to LASIK surgery, Mt. Tam Optometric Center provides comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages. Be sure to read about our Free LASIK, RevitalVision and IOL evaluations. Our Medical Services include:

Evaluation, Monitoring and Treatment of Eye Disease

At Mt Tam Optometric Center, our comprehensive exam is designed to screen for ocular diseases. If we detect evidence of an eye disease, we perform additional testing to provide a specific diagnosis. Finally, we will initiate a plan of treatment (as necessary) by addressing the following goals:

Detect and diagnose ocular abnormalities and diseases. Identify risk factors for ocular disease. Identify risk factors for […]

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LASIK Pre and Post Op Care & Free LASIK Evaluation

Dr. Frank has been involved with LASIK since there were only two lasers in the state. He currently does pre- and post-op care for over fifteen different LASIK Centers and is even an “expert witness” in the field. This sort of background makes Mt. Tam Optometric Center is an excellent choice to be your LASIK coordinator.

Upon completion of your Free LASIK Evaluation, you will […]

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Am I a candidate for LASIK?

Mt Tam Optometric Center, and your LASIK surgeon, will make an evaluation of these factors, and will advise you on the best course for you. The main factors we will examine are:

Refractive Error

This corresponds to your glasses prescription. Each laser system has its own range of prescription that it is approved to treat. The LADARVision system can treat from +6.00 diopters of […]

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Cataract Pre and Post Op Care & Free IOL Evaluation

Cataract procedures and what they can do for you have changed a lot in the last few years. We at Mt Tam Optometric Center have had the pleasure to work closely with some of the top surgeons in the Bay Area as the new generations of Refractive Implants have become available. This has allowed us to offer more attractive options than ever before to achieve […]

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Cataract Surgery and Intra-Ocular Lens Replacement

A Cataract Procedure You Can Look Forward To!

The cataract world has changed a lot in the last few years. For many years, the goal of a cataract procedure was to remove the cloudy lens from the eye and then replace it with a man-made single prescription (monofocal) lens. The patient then would rely on glasses or contact lenses to improve their distance or near […]

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Plastic Surgery Pre and Post Op Care

In the last few years Mt Tam Optometric center, has found ourselves doing more and more pre- and post-op care for patients having Blepheroplasty (lid jobs). What is interesting is that we are finding it to be more necessary with the “excellent” surgeons than with the “good” ones. The reason for this is that the “good” surgeons are looking three to four months out when […]

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Mt Tam Optometric Center is always on the lookout for innovative new diagnostic and treatment options for our patients. Dr. Frank has been watching the development of one new treatment and therapy option for over five years now. In fact, he went through the program himself last year and because of his great results, has become one of RevitalVision’s greatest proponents. It is with great […]

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Free RevitalVison Evaluation

Mt Tam Optometric Center are excited to be one of the first offices to be able to offer this revolutionary new technology to make people see better. During the course of the evaluation we will:

determine your visual status determine the cause for your reduced vision determine if RevitalVison® is the appropriate approach to achieving your visual needs or if it must be done in […]

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Special Diagnostic Testing as Requested by Referring Physicians

Mt Tam Optometric Center routinely get requests from physicians for a wide variety of special tests or to follow the progress of a condition or a side effect of a treatment. Some of the more common requests are:

dry eye or ocular migraines related to the use of birth control or hormone replacement therapy retinal changes and potential vision loss related to many of the […]

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