Well Vision Services

From eye exams and contact lens fittings, Mt. Tam Optometric Center provides comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages. Our Well Vision Services include:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

When you visit Mt. Tam Optometric Center for a comprehensive eye exam, we will check your binocular vision, determine your visual needs, and then provide you with an accurate prescription for your glasses. We will also provide a thorough assessment of your overall eye health and screen for eye disease. To achieve this in a thorough and expedient manner, we utilize some of the newest […]

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Contact Lens Fittings & Free Evaluations

After Mt Tam Optometric Center evaluates your visual needs, vision, and the health of the front part of your eye, we will:

Discuss all contact lens options open to you Recommend the most suitable contact lens and wearing modality for your needs Put trial lenses on your eyes so you can see what they’re like

Then, you are able to make an informed decision on […]

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Pediatric Exams

While the screenings that are done at pediatricians and at schools are excellent, they are just screenings. During a comprehensive pediatric exam at Mt Tam Optometric Center we look at three things specifically.

First, we look at how the eyes and the visual system are developing to make sure the child is on track.

Secondly, we look at the health of both the front part […]

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Free InfantSee Exams

Eye Exams For Infants, Pre-Schoolers and School Age Kids

InfantSee-San-Anselmo-CAMt Tam Optometric Center provides InfantSee to the residents of San Anselmo, CA! Vision disorders are the most prevalent handicapping condition during childhood. Despite this, studies show that only about 31 percent of children between ages 6 and 16 years are likely to have had a comprehensive eye and vision examination within the past year, […]

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Free Student Vision Evaluation (ages 5-15 years)

As a community service, Mt Tam Optometric Center provides free student vision evaluations when referred by pediatricians or school nurses. The purpose of these visits is to determine in questionable situations if in fact there really is a vision or binocular vision problem and if so, what further testing is required. The visit does not determine a final prescription and does not provide an overall […]

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Binocular Vision Evaluation

Binocularity refers to the eyes’ ability to complete tasks while working together as an efficient team. Symptoms of binocular vision problems may be noticed by patients or their parents, or we might spot one during a regular comprehensive exam. When indicated, we perform a thorough binocular vision evaluation.

At Mt Tam Optometric Center ,our binocular vision evaluation provides a specific diagnosis of your binocular vision […]

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Computer Vision Exams

Mt Tam Optometric Center provides computer vision exams including a thorough review of your workstation, its physical layout, and your visual needs. We then review your prescription, the design of your glasses, and your binocular vision needs. Putting this all together we will review your glasses options such as:

modification of your current prescription modification of the glasses design the use of prism to reduce […]

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Low Vision Exams & Information

At Mt Tam Optometric Center our low vision exam is designed to bridge the gap between your visit to the medical specialist and functioning in the real world. We start by reviewing your physical findings, fine tuning your prescription, and determining what your visual needs are. We then walk you through your options, whether they are new glasses, contact lenses, magnification devices, or some combination […]

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Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy

The eyes have two muscle systems which must work together. One system aims at a target and the other focuses on the target. When these two systems are not coordinated they fatigue. The result can be eye strain, headaches, and blurred or double vision. Vision therapy eliminates these symptoms by bringing these muscle systems under voluntary control, and then re-educating the […]

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