DriveSafe Lenses

Vision on the road is critical to your safety.

No matter what type of driving you do, seeing clearly can be challenging for almost any driver. Driving is hazardous enough without also having to worry about your vision.

DriveSafe Lenses 2

Ask yourself:

  • Is it hard for you to see objects quickly when driving in low light conditions like rain, twilight, or night?
  • Are you bothered by glare from oncoming headlights?
  • Do your current glasses give you problems when scanning the road, mirrors, and dashboard?

We hear these concerns everyday at Mt Tam Optometric Center so we were thrilled when ZEISS released the DriveSafe® lens. This state of the art lens design takes advantage of the additional information provided by iScription® (link to iScription) to provide the best possible driving vision in all types of light and weather conditions. Let us make life safer for you and yours with Drive Safe DriveSafe® lenses.