i.Terminal 2

Your face and your frames affect your vision. With technology by ZEISS, Mt Tam Optometric Center can bring it all together.

Proper lens placement within your chosen frames is as important as an accurate prescription. Proper lens positioning minimizes headaches, incorrect body posture, and eye strain. Many details need to be taken into account, such as the distance between the eyes and pupils, the proportions of the face, the tilt and wrap of the frames, and even posture, to accurately position the lenses within the frames. Without these measurements, up to 40% of valuable visual acuity can be lost. This is important for single vision lenses and especially important for progressive lenses.

With the i.Terminal® 2 by ZEISS, all of the necessary measurements are captured in only 60 seconds to a precision of 1/10th of a millimeter and a fraction of a degree. This allows us to create the best possible lenses made for your unique features and frame selection.

Your vision challenges are unique and the solution should be too. Contact Mt Tam Optometric Center today to get your ZEISS precision lenses personalized for more relaxed vision.