What do They Mean By Lens Design

What do they mean by Lens Design?

We at Mt Tam Optometric Center have been pushing the idea of “Lens Design” for a long time now. It is not enough to have just an Rx for glasses. If you look at what an Rx really is, it is just the amount of sphere, astigmatism, and the axis that is needed to allow you to see at twenty feet and at a reading distance of nineteen inches. That may have been good enough for our parents, but our world is a much different place with far greater and more varied visual demands.

As you work with our Doctors and our Optical Staff, they will be creating a picture of what your unique visual needs and desires are. Some examples of what we look at are:

  • How much time do you spend on the computer each day?
  • Is it a desk top computer, a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone or some combination of the above?
  • How many monitors are you looking at, what size are they, where are they located and how far are they from you, etc.?
  • Are you a musician, what instruments, do you read music and how far is it usually from you?
  • What sports do you do and at what level of skill? The requirements of the weekend warrior is far different from the professional. We work with them all.
  • Do you have problems driving at night, is glare and flare an issue, do you have problems recovering from bright headlights?

The next step is to help you select the right type of lens or combination of lenses to fit those needs. As you look through the various types of lenses, you will see that they all have certain strengths, and weaknesses. Once done you need to look at lens coatings. We put combination Anti-Reflection/Scratch Resistant coatings on all our lenses to make them work optimally and to protect your investment. Having said that, if you spend much of your day on smart phones and computers, that coating should also be a blue blocker to protect your eyes. Another consideration is frame shape. Do you want a wrap design to better protect your eyes or a flatter design to reduce peripheral distortion. You are getting there but you still have to look at tints. Do you want just clear lenses or PhotoFusion® lenses that change from clear to darker and back depending on the conditions. Do you need sunglasses? Is it for fashion or for sport? If for a sport, which tint is optimal?

Once all of this has been determined, then the original Rx has to be modified based on your choices and the measurements taken by the I.Terminal®2 with the frame you selected.

Does Lens Design add a lot to just a frame and an Rx? Absolutely! Let us at Mt Tam Optometric Center put it all together for you with a personalized Lens Design.