Progressive Lenses

Choosing the correct Progressive Design can be a veritable mine field for patients. We have had Progressive lenses now for over thirty years. That means that there are over four hundred different Progressive Designs available. Some are good, Some not so.

With the introduction of the ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2, we at Mt Tam Optometric Center can finally fine tune a personalized correction for you based on your visual needs and frame selection.

First our Opticians can customize your lens based on your visual needs by choosing a design that is weighted more for computer vision, near vision, or a balanced combination of both.

Next the prescription our doctor writes for you is completely personalized for your eyes thanks to the i.Profilerplus®. Most Progressive lenses use the same basic design and optics for many different prescriptions. The ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 lenses that we will create for you will be designed precisely for your prescription, and manufactured with the legendary ZEISS precision for superior performance.

Last of all, the lens design will be optimized for the frame you select and how you like to wear it on your face thanks to the measurements we take with the I.Terminal® 2. No longer do you have to worry about if the frame too large or too small.

It’s Only by ZEISS

Only select practices like Mt Tam Optometric Center have been certified to fit this advanced lens and become a “ZEISS Center of Excellence”. Trust our experience and knowledge to create a Zeiss Individual® 2 lens that is perfect for just one person – you.

Progressive Lenses 2